About Alison

I am energized by working with parents, youth, and professionals who seek meaningful change but require outside tools and resources to bring their vision to life. Whether learning how to be a better parent for your teen or navigating complex organizational and programmatic challenges, change requires an investment of time and energy that can be daunting. Change takes courage but is much easier to approach, understand, and implement when you have a trusted professional to guide the way. It is my great joy to play this part in the lives of my clients. And, I am continually amazed at the incredible results my clients experience as they embark on the path to change.


Across all of my work, I bring warmth, understanding, and patience...plus a healthy dose of humor! In over 35 years as a therapist and presenter, clients report they are comforted when I affirm that the challenges they face are complex, and often downright exhausting! In acknowledgement of this, my work is grounded in delivering tools and techniques that can be implemented in real time. 

The format of my work has changed significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While I still offer in-person workshops and presentations, and love doing these as I always have, I now also provide these services via Zoom or webinar platforms. This allows me to interact with a wider audience and geography...and, for you, it also means you can wear sweatpants to my talks! Over the past two years, I have facilitated over 160 virtual presentations covering COVID-related mental health topics, including the impact on teens, parents, and educators. 


I hold a BA from Clark University, and an MS in Counseling from the University of Hartford. I served as Director of the Stoughton, MA Youth Commission from 1983 to 1993, and as Director of Needham, MA Youth Services from 1993 to 2017. Since 1993, alongside my full-time work, I have operated my private practice to offer presentations, consultations, and consulting services.  

I genuinely love my work, and look forward to meeting new clients and making connections. To learn more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile or Contact Me. Thanks for stopping by!


- Jon
Fun Facts
  • My wife and I live outside of Boston. But, very often we can be found enjoying the scenery of Western MA.
  • My hobbies include: kayaking, travel, reading, and music. 
  • Even though I grew up in Philadelphia, I am a devoted Boston sports fan!
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