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Most-requested professional development training topics include:

  • QPR Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Health Training for Public and/or Private Sector Employees, Library Staff, and Educators

  • Understanding Anxiety: How to Better Support Yourself and Your Anxious Friend/Colleague

  • The Impact of COVID on Mental Health Issues, Suicide, and Anxiety


Custom Trainings: Based on your needs, Jon provides customized training(s), matching his expertise with your professional development goals.














Professional development should be about more than simply 'checking the boxes.' Jon's

inspired trainings are dynamic and fun, while providing participants with the tools they require to fuel

 personal empowerment and

organization-wide success.



Client groups differ based on professional 

needs and experience, and trainings are  customized to meet the goals of your specific

team. Generally, trainings take place with teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, town/city employees, youth 

organizations, therapists/clinicians,

community groups, faith-based groups,

and/or local nonprofits. Jon travels to consult on-site at your location. For long-distance clients, on-site travel and/or remote collaboration can be arranged. Click here

to see a list of past clients, or contact Jon to speak further about how to meet your specific professional development goals. 

Based on your organization/group's size

and goals, trainings may include: interactive activities, multimedia presentations, expert

guest speakers, role-playing simulations,

and/or small group discussions. All trainings

are facilitated by Jon with an emphasis on delivering a high-energy, high-impact, and

humor-infused experience for all participants.

In every engagement, Jon provides ample opportunities for Q&A, distributes relevant 

take-home resources, delivers an end-of-training recap with key 'take-aways' and

actionable next steps, and administers

feedback evaluations to gather essential participant insights. 



Trainings are typically 2 - 6 hours, and vary by topic area/client needs. Clients who wish to deliver a more encompassing participant experience may choose to: (1) Bundle together several trainings to form a sequential package delivered over the course of a several weeks

or a year; or (2) Break longer trainings into

short sections, for example: instead of one 6-hr

training, offering two separate 3-hr trainings. 


All logistics - including format, fees, etc. - are determined on a per-client basis. Timing is flexible to accommodate daytime and/or evening hours. For pro-bono or other 'nontraditional' clients, please contact Jon; such requests are managed on a case-by-case basis. 

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