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Organizations and leaders face challenges every day. While some challenges are easily solved, others can cause stagnation and frustration. For these complex situations, an experienced consulting professional serves to revive energy, lend expertise, and inject critical perspective. As a sympathetic listener and creative problem-solver, Jon can help your organization overcome obstacles and advance your mission.

Consulting areas of expertise include: 


  • Assessment and analysis of municipal and/or school departments.

  • One-to-One Professional Coaching and Leadership Development 

  • Media Relations and Community Outreach Strategy 

  • Program Development (includes guiding early-stage ideation processes, launching new programs, navigating ongoing transitions, and/or managing program expansion)



Jon works with a broad array of consulting clients - including clients in the public,

private, and nonprofit spheres, as well

as individual clients for one-on-one professional coaching and leadership development services. All clients broadly represent the fields of mental health,

youth and family services, community outreach, and/or education. Pro-bono or

other 'nontraditional' client requests are managed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Jon to explain your situation. 

Individual Clients: Clients typically meet for a
one-time rapid-coaching session (approx. 2 hrs),
or more regularly (monthly, quarterly, or annually)
for ongoing coaching and consultative support.
Organizational Clients: Some clients opt to work with Jon on an as-needed, project-specific basis
to accomplish defined, time-bound goals. Other clients prefer to collaborate more frequently (monthly, quarterly, or annually) to embed 
ongoing consultant support and ensure accountability to long-term strategic goals. 



Consultancy scope of work, length of 

engagement, deliverables, fees, and additional details are determined on a per-client basis. Timing is flexible to accommodate daytime, evening, and/or weekend hours. Jon will travel 

to your preferred meeting space(s) and/or consult at the client's site. For clients located outside of the New England region, 

Jon is willing to travel to you and/or

coordinate work remotely via phone, email,

and web-based conferencing platforms. 

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