50 Shades of... Parenting a Teen

Useful For:

Parents/Guardians of Youth Ages 11-21 | Guidance Counselors | Teachers | School Administrators | PTA/PTOs | Youth Workers | Faith Leaders


Recommended Venue: 

Schools | Community Centers | Faith Communities


Audience Size: 25 - 400


Duration: 1.5 hours

Before they have children, adults often think idyllically about what their child will grow up to be like. Of course, by the time that child enters the teen years, the vision of a harmonious and peaceful life is often a distant memory! This workshop gives concrete information about what teens want from the adults in their life, what stresses teens out, and how you can support your teen in healthy and productive ways. 


Participants will leave the workshop with: 

  • Specific strategies and language to help their teen de-stress

  • Insight into how parents can manage their own expectations

  • New approaches and ideas to implement immediately to support your teen's health and happiness

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