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"Too frequently, people leave trainings
feeling as though the content was not applicable to their work - or worse,
that it was a waste of their time.
My trainings are different. I create
an exciting environment infused with energy and humor, while educating professionals to equip them to become more effective in their work today."

In addition to Jon's presentations, he also provides a variety of services for individual families, organizations, towns, school systems, parent groups, and more. These services are customized to meet your particular needs, and aim to meet your family or organization wherever you're at. 


If you/your organization has a specific area of interest, please be in touch. Jon enjoys working with you to develop solutions that address your areas of interest and provide actionable solutions. 


Explore below to see details on Jon's service offerings. 

"My consulting practice collaborates with community-based, nonprofit,
and government clients to support their mission-driven success.
Whether you require outside 
expertise in program development, media relations, or another area,
I add value to your capacity to
meet visionary goals."

Consulting Services

"Parents of teens face a unique set of challenges, and are often stuck in the same negative communication patterns with their children. My private parent consultations aim to inspire clients by assuring them that not only will
things get better, but there are specific tools and new perspectives
that we can develop together to
make it happen."


Parent Consultations

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